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♫☆ About Me ☆♫




I don’t care about my style

I think I’m cute being a bit chubby

I am, I am, I am Candy

My personal collection of cutie items, sweets deco and cute brand “Starlight Deco Dream”, fairy kei, magical girl anime, yummy food, girly pretty things, and lovely artwork ☆ミ 私の名前はキャンディです and I love SPANK! フェアリー / ロリータ・ファッション / decora.

My favourite things are SWEETS DECO, 80s japanese idol / アイドル, Italo Disco, Eurobeat, princesses, pastels, accessories, shoujo anime and manga, magical girl, animation, cosplay, cooking, sewing, food, toys, Creamy Mami, Sailor Moon, 80s, ポップルズ,ヤムヤムズ,ケアベア,バービーなどのアメキャラ and my favourite colour is pink. Candy Stripper, Angelic Pretty, Broken Doll, Milklim, Galaxxxy, SWIMMER, and Spank! are my favourite clothing brands.
Hopefully, you’ll feel sweet smiling love and joy, too!

Let’s be magical together, okay?